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WIMER - Women in Metrology and Energy Research

Welcome to the website for Women in Metrology and Energy Research! Here, you'll find information and resources related to the contributions and advancements made by women in the fields of metrology and energy research. In both fields, women have played a vital role and made significant contributions. However, they are still underrepresented. 

On this website, you'll find speakers who are notable women in metrology and energy research, as well as resources for women interested in pursuing careers in these fields. You'll also find information on upcoming events, conferences, and workshops related to metrology and energy research, as well as opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Finally, we hope this website will serve as a way to raise awareness and promote diversity and inclusion in these fields. 

Upcoming event

The Future of Metrology and Energy Research: Women Pioneers and Innovators

We are delighted to extend an invitation to an in-person event that will be held as part of the prestigious International Conference on Measurements of Energy at PTB Braunschweig, Germany. The event, titled "The Future of Metrology and Energy Research: Women Pioneers and Innovators," is scheduled to take place on the 5th of September from 16:30 am to 17:30 am.

This event will feature a panel discussion aiming to explore the invaluable contributions of women in the fields of metrology and energy research and their pivotal role in shaping the future of these industries. We are privileged to have three accomplished women in metrology and energy research as our esteemed panelists. Their diverse perspectives and expertise promise to provide valuable insights into the subject matter.

The discussion will revolve around key points that include inspiring the next generation of women, addressing gender bias in these fields, the significance of mentorship and networking, and the importance of fostering a supportive work environment.

We cordially invite you to participate in this engaging session. If you have any questions or queries, kindly send us an email. You also can inform us whether your question will be asked anonymously or attributed to your name. The session will commence by addressing your questions to foster an interactive and dynamic discussion.

We look forward to your active participation in "The Future of Metrology and Energy Research: Women Pioneers and Innovators" event, as we collectively celebrate and support the remarkable contributions of women in these essential scientific domains.


Dr. Zeynep Serinyel

Dr. Zeynep Serinyel received her B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Middle East Technical University and her PhD in Physical Chemistry from National University of Galway Ireland in 2011. After a postdoctoral position at LRGP, a CNRS laboratory, she is currently an Associate Professor in chemistry, at the University of Orléans and affiliated with the ICARE laboratory (CNRS) since 2013. Since her doctoral studies, her research interest has been focused on chemical kinetics of hydrocarbons and mostly of oxygenated biofuels. Her research activities cover both experimental and detailed kinetic modeling (model development) aspects. She served as colloquium co-chair in combustion related meetings and is currently the secretary of the French section of the Combustion Institute. She co-authored >40 papers and has >40 contributions in international events.


Dr. Benoîte Lefort

Dr. Lefort earned her Ph.D. in Chemical Kinetics from the University of Lille (France) in 2006. After that, she spent two years as a postdoctoral researcher at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Washington DC, USA. Later, in 2009, she joined the University of Burgundy.
Through her hard work and dedication, Dr. Lefort achieved the position of full Professor in 2022. She now leads the Chemical Kinetics and Combustion division at the DRIVE laboratory in Nevers.

Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Federica Ferraro

Federica Ferraro was appointed  Junior Professor in Alternative Aviation Propulsion Systems at IFAS, TU Braunschweig  in Mai 2023. Prior to this role, she was a postdoctoral researcher and research group leader at the Institute for Simulation of reactive Thermo-Fluid Systems (STFS) at the Technical University of Darmstadt.
Her research focuses on numerical modeling and simulations of reacting flows for innovative sustainable technologies. The overall objective of Ferraro’s research activities is to contribute to the development of future climate-neutral, efficient combustion systems for transportation and power generation sectors.

Dr.-Ing. Gisa Foyer

Dr.-Ing. Gisa Foyer received her doctoral degree in civil engineering from the Technische Universität Braunschweig in 2013. She is a researcher at PTB since then and has worked in the department Solid Mechanics until 2018 as a postdoctoral researcher and project manager in the fields of force and torque measurement. 2018 she became head of the working group Communications Technology of Weighing Instruments in the department Mass. Her work include software testing on weighing instruments and digitalisation of calibration certificates for weights and mass standards. She is the among other committee work the  lead of the NoBoMet project group Digital certificates in Metrology  which develops digital formats for certificates under the European directives 2014/31/EU (NAWID) and 2014/32/EU (MID).

Dr. Tara Liebisch

Dr. Tara Liebiesh works at Germany’s National Metrology Institute PTB as a strategy officer in the Division Optics. In this role she has developed many large-scale infrastructure and collaborative initiatives. She enjoys ensuring that partners from academia, industry and government can work together to achieve scientific endeavors. Her work builds on her research in atomic physics with publications on Rydberg atoms, compact atomic devices and a thorough article on the revised SI. Currently, her work includes developing a new Clock Building and a concept for an optical fiber research network for simultaneous quantum communication and metrology operation, as well as serving as the scientific manager of the excellence cluster QuantumFrontiers and as a co-coordinator of the QVLS-iLab Ion and Atom Trap Technology.  

YanYan Beer

Yan Yan Beer has been a dedicated PhD student at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), the Division of Biochemistry, since 2021. Her project is related to the development of a reference method for the quantification of viral load. She received her Master's degree in Molecular Life Sciences from the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen, The Netherlands. From 2012-2016, Yan Yan worked at the Helmholtz Center for Infection Research, Braunschweig, Germany as a biological laboratory technician focusing on microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, and cell biology.

Opportunities & External Events

SE²A International Female Programme - Research Internships

The international female research internship program is an initiative aimed at increasing the number of female researchers in the research cluster and within the German scientific community. It is open to female academics from abroad at the very beginning of their career after graduation with a master’s degree who are interested in experiencing first-hand the research environment at one of the institutions of the SE²A cluster. Good command of either English or German is required.
Participants will work for six months on a research project defined by the hosting institute. Pay is based on half-time employment on a TVL E13 position (approx. 1200 € per month after deductions).
Beside the scientific work, the program also offers the participants the opportunity to partake in intensive German language courses. After completing the research internship, successful participants are expected to have accumulated sufficient research experience and German language skills to become eligible as doctoral researchers within the SE²A cluster.


  • Cover Letter (Motivation)
  • Curriculum Vitae including complete address, phone number, email address, educational background, language skills, and work experience
  • Copies of bachelor and master diploma and transcript of grades in original language and in English or German translation
  • German or English language certificates, where applicable

All documents should be in PDF format, preferably in a single file. Personal data and documents relating to the application process will be stored electronically.

For information on the programme - Contact Tatjana Szalkau, B.A. |

Please apply directly to the contact in the respective project proposal below.

SUMAFly II – SUstainability Modeling and Analysis of Future aircraft systems II (AIP)

SUMAFly II – SUstainability Modeling and Analysis of Future aircraft systems II (IWF)

Integration of Aramid Oligomers into Polymer-Based Solid Electrolytes for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries with Enhanced Stability for Aviation

Measurement of reactive species in complex chemical processes via mass spectrometry and Laser absorption spectroscopy

Identifying strategies and business models of aircraft and fuel manufacturers

Adaption of integral boundary layer methods to suction and artificial transition

Comparison of multi-phase electric machine designs

Aerodynamic design of a high-lift system for a laminar wing

dib - Jahrestagung 2023 - Regionalgruppe Braunschweig

dib (deutscher ingenieurinnenbund, the German Association of Women Engineers) is a non-profit organisation with a current membership of approximately 400.

dib is an association of and for women that work in engineering or study engineering. dib is dedicated to achieving equal opportunities for women in education and employment.

dib was founded in 1986 by a group of women engineers and women engineering students who felt that existing associations and groups were not meeting their needs. dib was created to represent women in engineering and science by offering an alternative to those associations that included female university graduates from a wide variety of disciplines and those engineering-focused groups that were largely male-dominated.

dib participates in dialogues on equality legislation and policies at the national and international level. Furthermore, dib provides the opportunity to exchange experiences with women in similar situations.

To know more about the organization visit

To know more about the dib energy conference - 26th to 29th November 2023, Visit