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WIMER - Women in Metrology and Energy Research


Women in Metrology and Energy Research (WIMER) is a network for all dedicated women working in the metrology and energy fields. Our main goal is to bring primarily women scientists, doctoral candidates, and students engaged in research and development in the fields of energy and measurement from all over the world together on a common stage. In 2022, WIMER was established by successfully participating in the International Conference on Green Hydrogen. International speakers, professors, and scientists from academia and industry were invited to share their achievements and challenges in combining work and life.

In the research workforce, as in many other fields, women are underrepresented, following to data from the OECD International Survey of Scientific Authors (ISSA2). According to ISSA2, roughly 30% of corresponding authors in the science field are female, indicating women researchers may face more challenges in starting and progressing in their careers as researchers. In order to inspire young female students and graduates to pursue their dream careers and to overcome obstacles in the workplace, we invite regularly experienced women scientists to share their challenges, achievements, and breakthroughs with us. 

WIMER is strongly committed towards growing the women's network. Through regular networking events, you can interact with our experts and meet successful women in your field, providing you with additional prospects for your future professional advancement.

The WIMER committee is also striving to secure any funding or sponsors that will allow young women and girls to begin or expand their research in the energy and metrology sectors. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to work or collaborate with us. 

Along with the women, we also invite male co-workers to participate in our events and take part in the discussions and associated activities in a supportive manner in order to better understand the challenges of women. 


WIMER's vision is to create a more equitable and inclusive working environment for women and lead the way in making meaningful contributions to the development and innovation in the fields of metrology and energy research.

Goals for WIMER

  • To inspire women in metrology and energy research and motivate them to go far in their careers, especially those in influential roles.

  • To promote the involvement of women in metrology and energy research and foster a community of support and collaboration among women in these fields, we aim to build a unique network of partners from industry, academia, and government as well as students, and graduates.

  • To provide workshops, seminars, and conferences to support and mentor the next generation of women.

  • To raise awareness and promote diversity and inclusion in these fields.

About Our Logo

This logo represents the contribution of women to metrology and energy research and aims to inspire more women to get involved. The elements of the logo convey the symbol of the Roman goddess Venus symbolizing the female sex, the speedometer sign representing the metrology concept, and the renewable energy icon.

In addition, the logo currtently represents the flag color of Iran in memory of Iranian women and men who sacrificed their lives for Women, Life, and Freedom.
Our intention is to update the flag colors on a regular basis, according to current issues affecting women world wide.